Neeraj Chopra and Newton's Laws of Motion | 3030 Eklavya | Episode 1

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Activities at glance!
Theme 00:00
Introduction, Mission and Vision 02:00
Interesting feedbacks 07:28
Logistics 09:12
Preview 11:05
Math behind Neeraj Chopra's javelin throw 11:41
Galileo’s Story / Ramps 14:31
Newton’s First Law of motion / Law of Inertia 20:10
Angle of Projection 23:51
Why did Neeraj Chopra throw the Javelin/Spear at 36 degrees? 26:50
Projectile Angles in Sports 29:16
Range Vs Launch Angle 30:18
Throwing 5 Kg Ball 32:51
Projectile angle of Paris Gun in 1st World War 33:26
Path of Projection 35:41
Activity of Dropping object / coins 42:51
Activity for path of projection 37:06
Activity for path of projection of Centre of Mass of any object 48:36
Galileo said that the earth revolves around the sun 50:54
Activity for Newton’s First Law of Motion 53:20
Activity for Newton’s First Law of Motion 54:20
Video or Activity of Frame of Reference 58:26
Video of ball throwing with rotation 1:01:24
Next Episode Preview 1:02:26
Challenges 1:02:50
Thanks, Logistics and Homework 1:03:51
Behind the scene 1:06:58

Topic Covered :
Is earth rotating on its axis, Neeraj Chopra’s Javelin throw, Projectile Motion, Galileo’s Ramp, Force, Friction, Frictionless, Newton’s First Law of motion, Law of Inertia, Constant Speed, Angle of Projection, Horizontal and Vertical Speed, Wind Speed and Wind Resistant, Air Drag, Projectile angles in sports, Range and Launch angle, Projectile angle of Paris Gun in 1st World War, Altitude and Atmospheric Density, Path of Projection, Parabola, Gravity, Gravitational Force, Acceleration, Centre of Mass, Earth revolves around the sun, Frame of Reference.

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    52.19 - House arrest - नज़रबंद

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    Dear Rudra , of course neeraj knew that his maximum range comes when he throws around 36. And that is exactly what practise is all about to throw at that angle at which you can throw the farthest.

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