The LADAKH Tent | World’s 1st Solar Heated Military Tent | Made in India | Sonam Wangchuk

for #indianarmy at #galwanvalley
+15 C at 10pm. Minimum outside last night was -14 C,
Uses only sunlight, water and insulated layers to maintain temperature.
Replaces tons of kerosene fuel, pollution, emission and #climatechange.
Designed for 8 to 10 soldiers, it is fully portable for difficult terrains. Each part weighs less than 30 Kgs.
#MadeInIndia #MadeInLadakh #CarbonNeutral
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  1. Sonam Wangchuk

    Sonam Wangchukਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Thank you all for the immense interest n great response... I'll answer some of your frequently asked questions... Q. Is the tent like a vegetable green house? A. No, vegetable green houses generally go to +40 C in the day and minus 7 C at night, if you don't use artificial heating. This tent would stay between + 12 to + 25 C. But yes, if they wish, the soldiers CAN grow fresh greens for themselves in the solar lounge. Q. Is there enough oxygen in the tent for 10? A. We're testing...! if artifial ventilation is needed, we'll install a heat recovery ventilation system. Q. B what about backup heat in case of no sun and what about snow load...? A. It doesn't snow much in Ladakh n generally its v sunny. In case of long cloudy weather there'll be a standby kerosene boiler that will heat the water in the heat bank wall. So no risk of fire inside. Q. Is the whole tent less than 30 Kgs? A. No, Each part weighs less than 30 kgs for portability.

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    India's Elon musk

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    Sir why r u not making a video on #modi_rojgar_do. The situation today of employment is more dangerous than China.

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    Sir bhut acchi project hai par mera ek swaal hai apse yeh tent kitna strong hai agr koi chattan ka tukda ispe gir jaaye to kya ye jel legaa

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    Absolutely amazing, You did it at your own cost it's quite appreciating. I think government should provide incentives to like these patriots so that we could get most of technologies coming from our own country. Thanks

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    The man whit golden hart

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    Great idea and work what u did is good for our army . Go ahead

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    Genius Indian .... Big Salute to you sir

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    Proud to be Indian and Salam to you Sir 🙏

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    Does this helps in hot weather ? Can it control heat of 45 degree and generate power for someone who is living inside .

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    Being an architect I really appreciate how well the team has utilised the concept of Passive Solar Architecture and come up with this sustainable solution for the topographical context of Ladakh region. Also, I visited his SECMOL institute while visiting Ladakh for a case study of my thesis, the sustainable techniques they have incorporated in the infrastructure and lifestyle of that institution is commendable. Always an inspiration ❤️

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    Namaskar and Jule Sonamji for your great efforts for the humanity. Is there a way someone can assist your endeavors. Rgds Praveen Lodha

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    That's great, design part, more than anything sir pollution control & saving human life matters. Specially of our Jawans. 👍.

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    Respected sonam Wangchuk sir, i m a student.i m really a big fan of you and ur inventions.i m so curious to learn, can i work with u?

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    Congratulations Sonam Ji. But I have a question here, since it is expected to open and close the door of the Green House chamber very often, it is very much possible that there will be a loss of warm temperature due to it. So why don't a buffer chamber can be placed inside soon after the door which will lock the warm air from flowing outwards as it there in 3 tier and 2 tier AC compartments of Indian Railways. Thanks.

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