All that You Should be doing in the Current COVID Situation

All that you should do in this Covid situation. How to protect from coronavirus?

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A lot has been talked about covid in the past few days. But still many of us are not sure what exactly one can do at an individual level to fight this situation.That’s why this video is focussed on solutions rather than fear mongering. Watching this video, you will know all that you need to know about precautions, action steps to boost body’s immunity, mental strength, home treatment, vaccine and plasma donation.

00:47 - All that you need to know about masks
01:20 - Which is the best mask to wear in this coronavirus situation?
01:59 - 2 Things that will help you feel comfortable in masks
02:36 - The covid protocol one must follow
02:46 - How to boost the immunity to fight coronavirus?
03:12 - The #1 immunity booster that is safe, effective and affordable
03:47 - Spend 15 to 30 minutes in day doing this to boost body's immunity to fight corona
04:40 - Foods that crash down body's immunity. Foods to avoid in coronavirus.
05:00 - Why it is important to boost mental strength?
05:11 - Easy and effective ways to keep calm in this coronavirus situation
05:50 - Should we get ourselves vaccinated?
06:40 - How to know if you are infected by coronavirus?
07:03 - How to self treat COVID 19 at home?
07:20 - Clear guidelines that will help you recover from covid at home
08:35 - Ayurveda's take on how to recover faster from covid 19
09:45 - Red flags. Consult from doctor immediately.
09:58 - Is plasma donation safe?

Giloy Juice (option 1) -
Giloy Juice (option 2) -
Giloy Juice (option 3) -
N95 Mask -
N95 Mask (option 2) -
N95 Mask (option 3) -
N95 Mask (Tie at back) -
Surgical Mask -
Cloth Mask -
Organic Besan -
Organic Besan (option 2) -

Registration and more info about vaccines
Myths and Facts about Plasma Donation || COVID-19

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Face wash (option 1) -
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Face wash (option 3) -
Hair oil (option 1) -
Hair oil (option 2) -
Hair oil (option 3) -
Moisturiser (option 1) -
Moisturiser (option 2) -
Moisturiser (option 3) -
Cooking oil (option 1) -
Cooking oil (option 2) -
Cooking oil (option 3) -
Ghee (option 1) -
Ghee (option 2) -
Ghee (option 3) -

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Music Credits : INhistory Audio Library

I wish you good health.
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    Is it alright to take Giloy Pills or Tulsi Pills from companies like Zandu and Organic India, instead of their juice? How much of the effectiveness is lost if we consume pills instead of juice or Kadha?

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    Saloni Padihar27 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Great channel great knowledge and you are great 🙏