Filmymoji Middle Class Madhu || CSK vs MI || IPL Betting Master || Lungi Dance || MCM

Filmymoji Middle Class Madhu || CSK vs MI || IPL Betting Master || Lungi Dance || MCM

Nanna Maa Merchandise ee Link Konukkondi Ammareyy -
Don't Miss Lungi Dance :- 11:35 - 12:35

In this MCM episode of filmymoji on ipl cricket betting, Middle class Madhu would take Meku juttu Mahesh on his father’s old bike which astonishes Mahesh after knowing about its mileage when compared to his new bike. While riding they would be commenting on the state of pollution everywhere without realising that their bike is releasing lots of smoke from behind. After a heated discussion about the winners between Chennai super kings and Mumbai Indians match, they realise that they entire batch of classmates are at Budatha’s house who would have become a bookie overnight managing clients and bouncers also. Madhu and Mahesh are blown away witnessing Budatha’s skills in convincing even 1A master to participate in cricket betting. Watch the full episode to find out who wins all the betting money when 1A master is clearly leading.

Filmymoji :- filmymoji?...

Middle Class Madhu (Saikiran Andaluri) :- saikiranand...

Macchaleni Mahesh (Naveen Varma) :- naveen_varma_nn...

Mother (Swathi Kotu Chirra) :- chocobudsbuddy?...

Producer (Karthick Chirra) :- karthickchirra?...

EndTitles Music By (Naveen K Lakshman) :- naveen_k_lakshm...

Editor (Susmitha Chari) :- miss_graphical?...

Associate Editor (Aishwarya Kethineedi) :- kethineediishwa...

VFX (Nagendra Kolli) :- nagiawesome?utm...
(Sanjay) :- sansakolli?utm_...
(Ravi kumar Kolli):- iam_ravi_24...

Associate Script & Direction : (Varun Venum):- varun_venum
(Ratna Kumar Batra) :- ratnakumar_batra
(Yazi Krishna) :- yazi_krishna

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