Minecraft BLOCK FACTS No One Knows (part 5)

Minecraft BLOCK FACTS No One Knows
Did you know these Hacks ?
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    Which shader

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    Please send the shaders link you use

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    No one knows hai toh aap kaise jante ho 😂😂

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    How did he spawned wither using soul Block

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    Shader name please

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    Bhai aap kon sa sheders use kar te ho

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    But wo trident kuch time bad gyab bhi ho jta hai 😑

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    Myth 1 Agar anvil Mein Koi Bhi item rakhoge to vah ancient ho jayegi its work only Java edition example villager egg and protection 4

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    You shut to much

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    Vertical slab ke liye stone cutter ko nicea rakkho uske upar koi bhi block uske uper piston piston par liver rakh kar usi liver ko daba do tho piston ke nicea ula block 2 vertical slab ban jayega

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    Bro that not slab that is wall 🤣🤣🤣

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    Ye Vertical slab gamers react me bhi tha 😅😅


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    Bhai Kya bola samaj Bhai Aya

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    He places soul soil not soul sand for wither 😂🤣😂🤣

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    Please give me your SHADER link 🙏

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    Everyone know about that because these are copied

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    Myth - You can enchant shears by unbreaking 3, curse of vanishing, Mending and efficiency.

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    Bhai mineclips name ka youtuber aapki videos ko re upload kr raha hai Edit : inhistory.info/net/gYyZ15CkZK3dpHk/v.html 👆 CHANNEL LINK

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    Myth-agaar aap ladder char rahe ha aur aapke paas 1 ladder kam ha then aap uski jaga trapdoor laga k khol dena...uske upar se aap char paoge.....plz.take my myth bro

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    HUNTECH FF14 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

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